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We have designed three different platforms for our agents to grow into along with different levels of accountability.

Program Focus:

  • Lead Generation, follow-up & conversion

  • Skills (Presentation, Negotiation, Closing Techniques, etc.)

  • Scripts and Dialogues, including objection handling

  • Database Building (Mets, Sphere of Influence, Past Clients, etc.)

  • Scheduling, Time Blocking, Technology, plus regular classes

  • Business Planning - annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly goals

  • Tracking Numbers

  • Affirmations and Mindset

Accountability Levels:

Mastery Warrior
  • 100% Commitment

  • Desire to hit your goals in 3-6 months

Noble Warrior
  • Intermediate Pace

  • Desire to hit your goals in 6-12 months

  • Unmonitored Pace

After Hitting Your Goals:

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